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Create the house of your dreams by working with the quality home improvement team at Sea Home Improvement. Make your home your sanctuary by updating the flooring, changing a paint color, performing gutter cleaning, installing gutter guards or doing pressure washing for a deep clean. Ask Sea Home Improvement how we can make your Myrtle Beach Home your dream home at an affordable rate. Reach out for your free project inspection today!

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We provide craft, quality home remodeling services in the Myrtle Beach area at reasonable rates.

Our premier service and impeccable craftsmanship bring your vision to life with home remodeling services. Homeowners on South Carolina’s northern coast trust Sea Home Improvement to refresh their space. Respect, mutual trust, honest communication, and care are the foundations of our company. Working with you to create the sanctuary you deserve is an honor.

Home Improvement Services in SC


Our home exterior improvement services include exterior painting, caulking, and deck maintenance and repairs. Interior home improvement services in Myrtle Beach, SC, include kitchen remodeling, bathroom remodeling, accent wall creation, and interior house painting.


Your gutter system is essential to the life of your home. We provide services for all of your gutter needs. We will install a new gutter guard system or clean your current gutters and offer seasonal maintenance to extend their life expectancy in between. Sea Home Improvement is Myrtle Beach’s gutter experts.


We can remove rust and the toughest stains from your outside surfaces with our strong pressure washer. Our OPTIMAL-pressure washing ensures no surface is damaged during cleaning. From siding to sidewalks to decks and sealants, we provide quality pressure washing services in Myrtle Beach, SC, and surrounding cities.


Laminate wood floors give you, the homeowner, a less expensive alternative to hardwood floors. Since laminate wood floors are not constructed of wood, they do not require sanding or filling, thus minimizing time and expenses. We provide quality craftsmanship with efficient installation in Myrtle Beach homes.

Our Home Improvement Process

Our home improvement process is straightforward, seamless, and quality oriented. We follow standard operating procedures for South Carolina’s home improvement, allowing us to complete jobs on time and with the best quality possible. Home improvement should be taken seriously, no matter the scope of work. From painting a wall to adding new floors to gutter installation and beyond, you can trust Sea Home Improvement to execute your home improvement projects with the latest procedures in the industry. Here is how we do it:

Initial Consultation

The first consultation is free of charge. This allows us to meet in person, review your home improvement project and establish your best options to achieve your desired end goal. We will discuss your vision, home improvement needs, and budget during your consultation.

Project Execution

Here is where the magic happens in home improvement. Once all supplies have arrived, execution begins! First, we prepare the project site and protect the surrounding areas. Then we bring in materials and do what we do best, improve your home to increase its value.

Free Estimating

An estimate is when we put together a plan of action for your home improvement project. This includes the full scope of work, such as material costs, expected hours, and the labor rate. We always do our best to tailor the project to be within your budget. Our estimates are always free.

Quality Control

Quality control ensures your home improvement project is completed to your satisfaction, our goal, as your home improvement project progresses. It also gives us time to take care of details that may arise during the home improvement process.

Schedule Project

Once you approve the project's estimate, we will schedule your home improvement project. All factors will be considered; your time, our time, the weather, and material availability. Once scheduled, our teams prepare for your project and order needed materials.

Project Completion

Once your project is completed, we clean up the area, move any unused materials out of the way and prepare the site for use. For your peace of mind, each home improvement project in South Carolina with Sea Home Improvement comes with a limited warranty.

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“Following the purchase of our first house in Myrtle Beach, we looked for a home improvement company for some additions. After meeting with a few contractors, we ultimately agreed to work with Elder. The job was handled professionally, on time, and under budget. They even delivered ahead of schedule. Thank you very much.”

Robert W.

Myrtle Beach Home Owner

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Rob C
Rob C
I needed some gutter repair and gutter guard installation. Sea Home Improvement came recommended from a friend. We could bot be happier with the work that was performed and the price was incredibly reasonable. Elder was honest, courteous, and well informed. I will certainly be using his services again.
Elwood Strait
Elwood Strait
Had them install flooring and once more the work was excellent
Randall Mullins
Randall Mullins
Elder and his crew did a great job on three projects that we needed help with. He is the new go to guy for us. Highly recommend him.
Jan Cavanaugh
Jan Cavanaugh
This contractor was on time, had a good crew and went right to work on cleaning my gutters and replacing gutter guards. Thank you for a job well done. We noted a marked improvement of the working gutter with the first heavy rain storm.
Remington Baird
Remington Baird
Elder does an amazing job! He works hard to make sure you are happy! Thank you Elder!
Ivey Baird
Ivey Baird
Great attention to detail. Services are performed like they were working on their own home.

Home Improvement FAQs

When thinking about home improvement, many details pop into our heads, like budget, planning, materials, design, and, most importantly, who will execute the home improvement job. Here are our answers to some of the most popular, frequently asked questions about home improvement in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. Give us a call or set up your free initial consultation today for a more customized answer to your questions.

All types of construction projects have a reputation for taking longer than anticipated. Plan ahead and provide enough of buffer time for your project so that you won’t be upset if it takes longer than expected to complete. For instance, it typically takes one month to finish a bathroom makeover. However, there are other variables that can dramatically alter this. The duration of the project timetable will be mostly caused by the size of the bathroom and the difficulty of the redesign.

Anytime you are working on a home improvement project, you should be ready for the unexpected. You might not be aware of a house’s peculiarities until the project is well under way. A lot of the time, there are delays in receiving goods and appliances. So, look through the ballpark costs for each room you wish to rebuild. Additionally, add a sizable amount of buffer time—maybe 25% more. You’ll be pleasantly pleased and your job will be finished early if you don’t require it.

A single room shouldn’t cost more than 10 to 15 percent of the value of your house. If you spend more, the renovation’s worth won’t increase your home’s value proportionately. For instance, the most you ought to spend on remodeling your kitchen or bathroom is $15,000 for a property worth $100,000.

Water management is the responsibility of your gutters. They efficiently guide water flow from your roof during a storm through the downspouts and into the proper locations outside the house. Your roof may accumulate a lot of leaves and other debris without a gutter system, which can cause water to stand still and overflow. As a result, your home may be more susceptible to damage such as rusting and rotting.

Furthermore, gutters stop water from pooling near your basement. When water leaks from your roof, it may seep into your foundation and gradually erode the structural underpinning of the entire building.

A gutter guard is a protective cover intended to prevent leaves and other types of debris from clogging gutters. Preventative actions are crucial because once a gutter is clogged, stormwater drains and downpipes frequently follow suit quickly.

The key distinction is that power washing employs highly pressured steam to clean, whereas pressure washing uses unheated tap water without the use of a heating element.

It’s perfect for eliminating salt, mildew, and mold from outdoor patios, decks, driveways, and other surfaces. The extra heat also makes it particularly effective at removing chewing gum off pavements. Power washing is also excellent for removing grease stains from driveways or garage flooring.

The greatest hardwood floors are created from easily available and extremely durable wood species. Oak, maple, and cherry flooring are all excellent alternatives. Bamboo (which is actually a grass), walnut, ash, and mahogany are among the other species.

Hardwood flooring have a far longer lifespan than laminate, which normally has a lifespan of 15 to 25 years. However, because of its sensitivity to scratches, dents, and discolorations, hardwood flooring normally shows more wear and tear than laminate.

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