Bathroom Renovation Essentials in Myrtle Beach

Bathrooms, except maybe kitchens, are homeowners’ most popular remodeling projects. Bathrooms are generally smaller than kitchens, making the work easier and faster. Furthermore, the decreased size leads to lower costs: less flooring and paint and fewer cabinets and countertops. Sea Home Improvement is your local home improvement expert for bathroom remodeling in Myrtle Beach. 

Here are trending suggestions to make your bathroom redesign more appealing while keeping the process seamless, speedy, and cost-effective. 

Create Niches and Recesses for Extra Space

When space is limited, build in rather than out. Built-ins like recessed soap dishes, medicine cabinets, and toilet roll holders utilize as much space as possible out of small bathrooms. You may also flatten the ceiling light by installing recessed lighting. Storage in the walls gives you more freedom to get ready and stay organized.

Update Bathroom Ventilation

By regulation, all bathrooms must have some sort of ventilation, such as a correctly sized window or a bathroom exhaust fan. When shopping for bathroom fans, consider their noise level, exhaust capacity, or how many cubic feet of air they can move per minute. Due to the limited size of bathrooms, even a moderately noisy bathroom fan could create an excessively loud restroom experience.

Plants Provide Living Color

Plants are the perfect bathroom decoration. They add much-needed color to antiseptic restrooms. Consider installing a floating shelf or hanging planter holder to provide a comfy home for your trailing plants. Many plants will thrive in a bathroom setting, especially along the humid South Carolina coast! Native plants like a Royal Fern always make great additions. 

Choose the Best Flooring

While wood floors add character to bathrooms, they are not the ideal flooring material for bathrooms from a functional aspect.

Instead, choose bathroom flooring that is tough enough to withstand the demands of regular bathroom use. Ceramic and porcelain tile, luxury vinyl plank, and vinyl tiles are popular bathroom flooring options. Consider waterproof flooring for your high-humidity room. 

Custom Bathroom Renovations in Myrtle Beach, SC

Sea Home Improvement is your local, family-owned home improvement contractor in Myrtle Beach. If you are ready to refresh your space, we are ready to hear your vision! Count on us to provide quality craftsmanship that matches our outstanding customer service. Reach out to Sea Home Improvement to schedule your free bathroom renovation estimate in Myrtle Beach, SC, today. 

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